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       The company believes that the enterprise competition is the motive force of enterprise progress; Technology is the enterprise winning the legal; Advocate "people-oriented" concept, train and absorb a large number of professional and technical personnel, the introduction of first-class development, production, testing equipment, and continuously absorb and accumulation of domestic and foreign advanced production technology, management experience, in order to constitute our powerful competitive advantage. The 21st century, the company will continue to forge ahead, innovation, with more high-quality products, good services, higher enthusiasm service customers! Create a better future!

       To meet the needs of the development of company, now sincere hire the following talented person:

    Job function: Office clerk/warehouse assistant
    Job requirements:
    1 、 college degree or above, aged 20-35
    2, good looks, cheerful personality, clear enunciation, strong language ability, strong response ability
    3 、 skilled use of OFFICE and other office software and office automation equipment
    5, work carefully and conscientiously, proactive, responsible, cautious and obedient, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, have good psychological quality.
    Job function: website maintenance / network marketing staff
    Post for demand:
    1 、 college degree or above, major in computer software;
    2 、 more than one year network marketing experience;
    3, understand the website construction process;
    4. Skilled in picture processing, PHOTOSHOP;
    5, familiar with network marketing tool application, familiar with the major network platform.
       Meet the above conditions can be a copy of identity card, copy of degree certificate, resume and a photo sent to the personnel department of our company (please specify "applicant" on the back of an envelope), or send your resume to the E-mail company, please indicate the position, if they are met, or directly to our personnel department of the interview!