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    Double side oil glue and double side hot melt glue?
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    According to the glue system, double sided adhesive tape can be divided into two sided glue oil glue and water glue and hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive. How can we distinguish two sided glue glue and double sided hot melt adhesive? Here are a brief introduction to their features:

    Double faced gum oil is made from an oily solvent (toluene, DMF, butanone, etc.) as a solvent, which dissolves acrylic or polyurethane. Its advantages are good film forming, good fastness, PU can stick hot air glue, it is the commonly used coating adhesive. The disadvantage is due to the use of oily solvent, so a lack of environmental protection, especially now that oil prices lead to oily solvent prices sharply, most of the coating because the cost is too high, so the relatively poor oil solvent, leading to environmental standards, with the addition of further improve environmental standards in various countries, so the coating glue more and more environmental protection requirements.

    Hot melt adhesive is a pressure-sensitive adhesive, mainly composed of synthetic rubber and resin and rubber oil mixed into the heating melting state and then coated on paper, made of cloth or plastic film on a new type of adhesive tape, low cost is the biggest advantage, defect is affected by temperature significantly influence viscosity. Mainly used for all kinds of sealing, sealing boxes, paper packaging, beverage bottle labels, aluminum foil sealing, packaging and other packaging; environmental protection paper pallet, adapt to all kinds of material.

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