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    Quality inspection method of double-sided adhesive
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    1, check whether there is a crack on the double sided tape
    When the double-sided tape is split, if the cutting tool is not adjusted properly or the blade is not sharp enough, cracks will appear on the surface of the double-sided adhesive tape or the base paper. The fibers pulled out of the crack will be stuck by the adhesive. The occurrence of cracks may be continuous, may also be random, may appear in the side of the double-sided tape reel, may also be on both sides, so, double-sided tape processing, must look carefully at the end of the paper and paper on whether there is a small crack.
    Then, take a sample of the above inspection paper and peel it on the bottom paper, then check whether there is any crack on the bottom and the bottom of the paper, because the crack is sometimes very small. Only after separating the bottom and the surface paper can it be found.
    2. Check whether there is a margin on the double sided tape
    Double sided tape reel edge smooth, no damage, is to ensure that the basis of double-sided tape quality so we must carefully check the drum double-sided tape before machining cutting edge or edges, whether due to improper storage damage occurred, and will roll 4 - 5 double-sided tape roll ring, carefully check the cutting edge.
    Next, we mentioned the inspection method of the appearance and appearance of the double sided adhesive tape. Today we will add some knowledge about this.
    3. Check the adhesion of the double sided tape edge, whether the base paper is coated with silicon or not
    The silicone oil is leaked in some area on the edge of double sided tape or on the base paper. In the process of processing, the paper will be broken and can not be produced normally. So before processing, take a piece of adhesive material with a length of 1 meters or so, and peel it open by hand to see if the edge or other parts are smooth or uniform. Usually, paper and paper edge bottom adhesion occurred in a roll coating adhesive material cutting volume, and generally occurs only in the outer layer of 7 meters to 10 meters, so the drum encountered double-sided tape cutting edge with adhesion, don't immediately assert that the whole roll of paper have this problem.
    In addition, it should be noted that the peeling paper with light weight is more powerful than the stripped weight of the paper, and the lighter the paper is, the tighter the hand feels when it is stripped. It is also because of this, sometimes when the customer is required to die to die the customer's choice of double sided tape, can not be completed at the normal processing speed.
    4. Check whether the end face of the double side tape is straight or not.
    If the drum of the double-sided adhesive tape cutting surface is uneven, will not only affect the processing of registration, but also because of the die-cutting position change exhaust difficulties; when the tightness of rewinding inconsistent will change the paper tension caused by printing, uneven tension will cause the same printing quality problem.

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